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Mario Hintermayer

My aim is to bring sustainability into the projects, because one-off donations cannot keep institutions alive. That is why I am aiming for a project in which people from all over the world can participate, but that will eventually be self-sustaining and provide other smaller institutions and projects with the necessary resourses.


Category: Behindertensport

Jutta Kleinschmid

Jutta Kleinschmidt is one of the most successful women in international motor sport. She is the first and, until now, only woman who has won the most difficult and longest rally of the world, the Dakar Rally, in the overall ranking.
Jutta has already been involved in various charity projects for many years. She is therefore truly looking forward to her new task as Sports Ambassador.

“As a former professional athlete, I consider fairness, tolerance, respect and team work very important. In sports, we set goals, train with a lot of discipline and a large portion of passion. The result is success with more self-confidence and recognition. This can be transferred to all areas of life. It is important to impart these values especially to young people.

Olaf Förster

Olaf Förster can look back on a successful 20-year career in performance sports as a swimmer and rower.  He achieved his major successes in the 1980s as a rower in coxless fours. Thus, in 1988, he won the gold medal at the Olympic Games in Seoul and became World Champion in 1987 and ‘89. He subsequently remained closely connected to sports through activities in various national organisations. He has also been president of one of the world's most successful rowing clubs, the “Dresdner Ruder Club 1902”, for 17 years.

“I look forward to my work in the Foundation and also to working in a successful team. I was able to achieve my greatest sports successes as part of a successful team, in which reliability, respect and comradeship were the highest maxims. I would be happy to impart those ideals to young people and support them at a time when there are many influences from the media and they are led to believe that they can become a “superstar” with ease. Concentration, ambition and absolute will, despite the many deprivations that are required, are therefore to be esteemed very highly and to be promoted.”


Category: Tiere

Daniela Gala

Daniela Gala lives with her husband and her dog in Freiburg and in Carinthia. She approaches people with the message “together we can achieve a lot and help our animals in difficult situations. I wish that this world would also be a nice place for our animals, and for this reason, I do not eat them. I admire people who dedicate their lives actively, on site, to the animals and offer their money and their time, their skills and their love. I contribute to assisting such people and organisations financially. Because finances can cover a life-essential surgery, a new home, an animal rescue operation or long-term provision for these living beings” and contributes thus to a stronger and better world for animals.