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Christmas dinner for 500 homeless persons in Dresden

DUCATUS CHARITY would like to support the annual Christmas dinner for 500 homeless and needy persons in Dresden, which is to take place on 11 December 2018 at the Ballsport Arena Dresden. We would be very glad if you supported us in our efforts with your Charity Account. Many people face great challenges especially at Christmas time. Those who live in the streets must first physically cope with the cold temperature, but they must also  handle the emotional pain which, at that time, is frequently significantly stronger than usual. With some attention, a good meal, warmth and affection, 500 people receive something on that day which they lack throughout the most of the year. 


Thank you for your help.

Treberhilfe Dresden Association

The Treberhilfe Dresden Association accompanies "young people in special situations". One of the main activities is street work, where cliques are visited or services for homeless people established. Treberhilfe Dresden teams travel in a big Jumbo bus to visit people and distribute soup or used clothing. A street school has been set up with the aim of developing real prospects for the future. Three social workers and 20 honorary teachers and lecturers hold the courses.Taster courses are offered for people who are still in the scene and on the street, as well as two secondary and junior high school courses. The non-student exam is then taken at a state school.